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The 3rd EOF workshop is scheduled for 28-29 September 2022

The creation of the European Operations Framework (EOF) regarding On-Orbit Servicing, Assembly and Manufacture (OOS, OSAM) is one of the most important activities I`ve ever contributed. Collaboration with CONFERS and worldwide players to establish a framework supporting our European stakeholders is challenging, interesting and definetively rewarding. Expect nothing less than the most cooperative guideline & handbook you need to provide your orbital services. Reliable, insurable, future-proof. Check out the work of German Space Agency @DLR and the PERASPERA-X activitites within HORIZON EUROPE @European Commission.

Sebastian M. Dittrich is Engineer and Manager with international & public background. Aside his main duties he accompanies partners supporting them with hands-on consultancy, negotiation support and general advice.

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About me

Sebastian loves to communicate with all working levels, keeping his boots on the ground. Direct optimisation of small things (quick wins) and strategic advice for ways ahead especially for international partnerships are the main assets Sebastian provides as services of professional consultancy.

Sebastian is open minded, non-biased, neutral and secretive. He stays available for short term projects (e.g. to support a single contract negotiation) but also for long term advisal partnerships.


Sebastian is experienced in various fields and is well placed in national and international networks. This is the direct chance to get professional process checks, valuable cross-readings (i.e. logistic concepts or requirement sets) by a sophisticated reviewer.

Sebastian offers a holistic approach, that every contract, every project has two or more sides to be satisfied.

Academic Background

Sebastian studied Mechanical Engineering with emphasis on weapon technology at the Universität der Bundeswehr München resulting in an engineering diploma in 2008. In the meantime, especially for crafting his Diploma Thesis he worked for P+S Technik, a leading cinema equipment manufacturer located in Ottobrunn.

As his duty was always related to technical management and leadership, Sebastian finished a Masters course of Management at the FernUniversität Hagen in 2013. His Master Thesis emphasises international connections of agencies, companies and organisations related to the management of armament programs.

Certificates & Skills

Sebastian owns certificates for Executive Life Cycle Management (Systecon Stockholm) and Program Management (Strategy Execution London). He attended open courses for Negotiation at HEC Paris and for culture building (MTI Koblenz). Sebastian is skilled in the usage of various Software tools related to technical management (e.g. IBM DOORS for requirement management) or business support (e.g. SAP, D365)

In addition, he was security cleared up to the level of NATO secret, certified by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior.


Automation, Design & Engineering experiences mainly with various customers of the automotive branch and their suppliers through work for Dittrich-Automation, Siegburg & Hennef.

Engineering, Production & Manufacturing through P+S Technik, Ottobrunn.

Testing & Validation through Reserve Officer activities for Factory Acceptance Testing with German Armed Forces and System`s OEM EUROART-INT (AIRBUS, THALES).

Leadership mainly through German Bundeswehr & OCCAR Project & Programme leadings.

Entrepreneurship: In 2017 Sebastian co-founded a Software company to provide automated reference checks in the Human Resource field.

Diplomatic & Negotiation through every day activities deriving from the own family interests and the knowledge about the value, to do the things instead of talking about them. The rest? See above.

Reference branches: Defence, Military, camera & cine equipment manufacture, publishing.


Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Sebastian M. Dittrich, M.Sc. and Major. d. R., born 1981 is married to Sabrina and father of three children. He started his compulsory service in 2001 within the Army of the federal republic of Germany, enlisted in 2002 for the officers’ career and promoted to the rank of a Lieutenant in 2005. Following his studies of mechanical engineering with emphasis on weapon technologies at the University of the Federal Armed forces of Germany in Munich in 2008 and his two years of engineering engagement within P+S Technik Ottobrunn, he served as platoon leader and technical company commander for the Logistic Battalion 7 in Unna.

Later & within the Army Office In-Service Support Department, he was responsible for a bandwidth of projects for systems engineering, software & hardware development and logistics, mainly connected to radar & surveillance technology. In 2012, joining OCCAR‑EA on the operational side in the COBRA Programme Division and being an expert for logistics he again managed multiple Design & Development projects before he changed into the administrative fields of the Central Office Bonn in 2016.

In-between he finished his Master’s degree in Management about Open Innovation in multinational Organisations at the federal distance learning university of Hagen in 2013. In OCCAR, Sebastian led a multinational team of experts to ensure the successful implementation of a new Enterprise Resource Planning system. Additionally, Sebastian did support the operational Programmes with his expertise in Engineering and Management.

January 2020, Sebastian started a sabbatical to refocus the important things, to get some quality time with his family. Aside, Seb supported companies with consultancy, managed his home to be provided with renewable energy (electricity through rooftop PV, battery implementation for nighttime autarky, gas supply through green contracts, …)

Seb continues to serve as a reserve officer for the federal German Army in the fields of testing & engineering when needed.


In the future, Seb is looking more upwards following his slogan: Not the sky is the limit, it`s above!

Expertise & Publications

  • Professional article:
    Internationale Zusammenarbeit im Rüstungs- und Verteidigungsbereich: Who is who in Europe?, 3_2020, Bonn 2020 Read here
  • Procedure:
    Programme Management
    OCCAR-EA, Bonn 2019
  • Professional article: Improved Enterprise Resource management paves the way for effective operational output 1_2019, Bonn 2019 Read here
  • Competition & public procurement data
    ERP system replacement activities incl. Statement of Requirements,
    Request for Interest, Invitation to Tender
    OCCAR-EA Programme Management Support Division, Bonn 2018
  • Report on the analysis of the national models used in output-based contracts
    OCCAR-EA Programme Management Support Division, Bonn 2017
  • Competition & Procurement Documentation for various services: Request for Interest, Invitation to Tender, Statement of Requirements, related assessments and final recommendation
    OCCAR-EA Programme Management Support Division, Bonn 2017
  • Master-Thesis: Armament Developments: Open Innovation or Top Secret using the example of a multinational Programme Management Organisation
    FernUniversität in Hagen, Hagen 2013
  • Guideline:
    Logistic Instructions for multinational stakeholders
    OCCAR-EA COBRA PD, Bonn 2013
  • Diploma-Thesis: Launching a Quality Management System into a medium-sized enterprise
    P+S Technik Ottobrunn & Universität der Bundeswehr München, Neubiberg
  • Quality Manual
    P+S Technik, Ottobrunn 2008.
  • Website
    Quality Management Intranet site incl. forms database
    P+S Technik, Ottobrunn 2007-2008.


Diplomatics & Negotation: Support for companies in relationships with international & public institutions, agencies and organisations.

Engineering: Crosschecks of V-model adaptation & review of requirement sets

Efficiency: Optimisation of processes for manufcaturing & services

Business Improvement
Business Improvement
Business Improvement
Process Adaptation


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